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Patrick Hayden-Roy Named to Huge-Kinne Chair in History

Dr. Patrick Hayden-Roy, Professor of History at Nebraska Wesleyan University, was appointed to the Huge-Kinne Chair in History by the Nebraska Wesleyan University Board of Governors at its September 21, 2012 Board meeting. Dr. Hayden-Roy earned his Ph.D. in History from Stanford University. He has been a member of the NWU Department of History since 1989.

Harry and Reba Huge established the endowed chair in 1984, which marked the 25th anniversary of Harry Huge’s graduation from NWU. The endowment provides on-going support for a member of the NWU History Department who has distinguished him or herself through scholarship, teaching, and service to the university.

Mr. Huge remarked that “I am delighted by the appointment of Dr. Hayden-Roy to the Huge-Kinne Chair. Dr. Hayden-Roy is an oustanding scholar and teacher, and his commitment to his students mirrors the Huge Foundation’s long-standing mission of helping students achieve at the highest levels of excellence.”

Dr. Hayden-Roy will be the Huge-Kinne Professor of History until 2015.

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