Thinking about the future

Hello All! My sixth semester at Nebraska Wesleyan University is underway, and after an extremely busy fall semester I am hoping this one will turn out a bit less intense. Next summer I will need to do an internship for my International Business major, so I have to dedicate some time to finding one that… Read More


Finishing up my time at NWU

This spring semester is certainly shaping up to be both entertaining and fun.  My class will provide a challenge, but also focus on content that I find interesting which really represents what these last three and a half years have been like at NWU.  After my amazing experiences at both the NIH and IHV, I… Read More


Jordan’s Spring Semester

Hi All, I apologize for the delay in my first post, but spring semester has been much busier than I anticipated, despite shedding a class and physical chemistry in comparison to last semester.  I am working on my history minor/major more this semester, and I am enjoying classes more now maybe I ever have.  Also,… Read More


Jack’s Blog on Physics

Greetings All, This is my first of what I hope will be a long and lively conversation among all of us. I wanted to use this maiden blog as an opportunity to suggest a couple of recent discoveries. For Christmas, my wife, Vicki, bought me a copy of Brian Greene’s book, The Fabric of the… Read More