Notes from The Harry & Reba Huge Foundation


Huge Foundation NGAL (Network Globally Act Locally) Project

Hear from the students and faculty who participated in this unique learning experience

In 2014 the Harry and Reba Huge Foundation launched a unique project to bring three very different universities together (the University of Tartu, Estonia; Nebraska Wesleyan University; and the College of Charleston) to create interdisciplinary, international teams of faculty and students focused on developing entrepreneurial solutions to a select set of problems.  This project was unique in that it is rare for universities to partner on projects of this sort, and even rarer for universities so diverse to capitalize on the special strengths that different kinds of educational institutions can bring to an entrepreneurial team.  The project had many goals, but one of them is to give students an experience working with colleagues from different learning environments, disciplines, and cultures.  In addition to the international component, there were students and faculty on each team from the fields of business, computer science, and communications, forming a cross-section of team members with strengths in a variety of areas.  March, 8, 2015 all of the faculty and students met at the University of Tartu for a week.  On June 19th, 2015, all of the teams convened at the College of Charleston to pitch their ideas to a panel of business leaders and other distinguished guests in a competitive setting before an audience of over 150 spectators.

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