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Foundation Grant Sends Four College of Charleston Faculty to Estonia

A grant to the College of Charleston will fund travel and research for four College of Charleston faculty going to Estonia in the spring and summer of 2014. The grants are part of a larger initiative to encourage broad exchange between the country of Estonia and community of Charleston. Combined with an earlier Foundation study abroad grant to C of C, which will fund student exchanges starting this spring between the University of Tartu and C of C, the new Faculty Development grants will create another point of contact between the two universities and lay the ground work for ongoing cooperation between the two universities as well as open the door for other possible cultural and economic exchanges between our two countries. The C of C faculty will engage in a wide range of projects while in Estonia, including development of an interactive database of medieval holy sites, an analysis of how the value and affective norms of Estonian views of nature influence and shape Estonian management of and interaction with the various ecosystems of the country, and exploration of a plan to link the C of C’s International Scholars Program to the University of Tartu as part of the ISP’s regular MayAway study abroad opportunities.

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