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DVH Scholarship Fund and Huge Foundation Press Release – July 21, 2015

Dorothy Vorderstrasse Huge Scholarship Fund for Women

The Harry and Reba Huge Foundation


July 21, 2015

The Dorothy Vorderstrasse Huge Scholarship Fund for Women (the “Scholarship Fund”) and the Harry and Reba Huge Foundation (the “Foundation”) held its 11th annual awards dinner for the recipients of their 2014-15 Scholarship Awards Friday, July 17 2015, at the Huge Foundation Education Conference Center in Superior. At the dinner, Harry Huge, co-founder of the Foundation and Fund, Reba Kinne Huge, also co-founder of the Foundation and Fund, and Dr. Jack Siemsen, director and CEO of the Foundation, distributed the scholarship checks to the 2014-15 winners who were in attendance.

At the dinner, Harry Huge made a major announcement regarding an expansion of the DVH and Huge Foundation scholarships. Originally scholarships were only available to young women graduating from high schools in Thayer and Nuckolls counties. For the 2015-16 scholarship year, both men and women and women will be able to apply, and the area will be beyond Thayer and Nuckolls to include Webster and Franklin counties. The number of scholarships will remain the same – four – and the scholarship awards will be $2,500 annually or $10,000 if the scholarship recipient meets the qualifications for all four years.

Details for applying will be spelled out in the applications for the 2015-16 DVH and Huge Foundation scholarship form. These application will be available August 30th from the high school guidance counselors, on the web page of the Huge Foundation at, at the offices of the Superior Express, or via e-mail to [email protected] All applications with supporting materials should be submitted electronically to [email protected] no later than November 1, 2015.

Those attending this year’s Conference Center awards dinner receiving 2014-15 Fund and Foundation scholarships were:

Jaysa Hoins of Superior who plans to attend Doane College (and parents Doug and Carla Hoins);

Lauren Schmidt of Deshler who plans to attend Doane College (and parents Andrew and Ellen Schmidt); and

Rachel Heitmann of Hebron who plans to attend the University of Kansas at Lawrence (parents Darcy and Anne Heitmann)

Not able to attend was: Johanna Kluck of Bruning who plans to attend Creighton University (parents Frederick and Myra Kluck) 

Other DVH scholars who are currently in school or who have graduated in attendance were Stacia Gebers, Haley Gebers, Alexandra Meyers, Kayla Grove, Christa Ostdiek, Tony Gonzales-Hunter, Alison Hawley, Madison Reece, and Lauren Rempe.

Also in attendance were:

Tom Ochsner, Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Mr. Ochsner will be returning to Superior in the future to discuss financial aid, other scholarships, and student debt with students, their parents, and guidance counselors from the high schools in Thayer, Nuckolls, Webster, and Franklin counties.

Others in attendance, as noted above, were Dr. Jack Siemsen, a director and the CEO of the Huge Foundation; Gary Kornell, a director of the Huge Foundation; Harry Huge and Reba Huge, who are also directors, and the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board. They all traveled to Superior to attend the awards dinner. Also in attendance were Lathan Russell of Superior, and his wife Sharon; and Bill Blauvelt, editor and publisher of the Superior Express, and his wife Rita.

The Foundation has recently updated its web site and Facebook page which describes in detail the Foundation’s scholarship programs, its international exchange program with Estonia’s University of Tartu, a new partnership with the College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C., a scholarship program with Cabela’s, which awards annually scholarships to four young women graduating from Nebraska high schools, and a new scholarship program at the Citadel in Charleston, S.C. The web site – – features pictures and stories about some of the previous scholarship winners, including Nicole Eggers of Superior and Cassie Meyer of Hebron. The site also includes a video documentary of Dr. Robert Gallo, the co-discoverer of the AIDs virus, giving a major address at the University of Tartu’s Great Hall. There is also footage of his and Harry and Reba Huge’s meetings with Estonian Ministers, the US Ambassador to Estonia, the former President of Estonia, and students and faculties at the University of Tartu. Harry Huge said at the dinner that the video is about 9 minutes long and very informational and entertaining. Harry also recommended going on the web to view the entire web site and its information.

The awarding of the 2014-15 DVH and Huge Foundation Scholarships now brings the total of young women and men who have received either DVH or Huge Foundation scholarships since the inception of the DVH and Huge Foundation scholarship programs to over 100 recipients with grants totaling more than $1,800,000. The new and past scholarship recipients have graduated from, are attending or will attend in the fall Nebraska Wesleyan University, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, University of Nebraska – Omaha, University of Nebraska Medical School, Hastings College, University of Nebraska – Kearney, Doane, University of Iowa, Duke University, Kansas State University, Kent State University, Chadron State, Ft. Hays State, Creighton University, Wayne State, Ohio State University Graduate School, Harvard Law School, University of Nebraska Law School, Creighton Law School, St. Catherine’s University, University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia , College of Charleston, the University of San Francisco Medical School, Ohio State University, University of Kansas, and Briar Cliff University.

DVH Dinner Picture 2015

Back Row:   Stacia Gebers, Jack Siemsen, Haley Gebers, Alexandra Meyers

Middle Row: Kayla Grove, Christa Ostdiek, Tony Gonzales-Hunter, Alison Hawley, Madison Reece,Gary Kornell

Front Row:  Harry Huge, Jasya Hoins, Rachel Heitmann, Lauren Schmidt, and Reba Huge



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