Notes from The Harry & Reba Huge Foundation


A Huge Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship Reflection By Alexander White

The Harry & Reba Huge Foundation,

As I reflect back on my recent study abroad experience at the
University of Tartu in Estonia, I cannot help but thank the people and
organizations that helped one of my lifelong dreams come true. The
Huge Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship was a crucial step enabling
me to study abroad and I am honored and appreciative to receive this

Currently, I am a Business Administration major at Nebraska Wesleyan
University (NWU) and will graduate in May 2014. Studying in Estonia
really demonstrated to me that economies and businesses alike are
global and there is a big advantage to have experience communicating
with and learning about different cultures.

During my time in Estonia, I was able to make friendships with people
and students not only from Estonia, but all over Europe and the world.
During this study abroad experience, I have identified some clear
goals of what I would like to do after graduation from NWU. One of the
first goals is to attend and graduate from graduate school. It has
become apparent in my mind that specifically, I would like to return
to the University of Tartu to obtain a Master’s degree. I will apply
within the next couple weeks to become one of the first members of an
inaugural program at University of Tartu for the Fall 2014 semester,
Quantitative Economics. The experience of study in Estonia for an
extended period of time will not only be beneficial for my education,
but also enhance my understanding and interest of cultures and
business environments in Europe.

I would like to acknowledge specifically Mr. Harry and Mrs. Reba Huge
for their graciousness to provide students with this program. Without
the help of The Huge Foundation, I wouldn’t have been able to
financial pursue my dream of traveling and studying abroad. The Huge
Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship has been a life-changer by giving
me a strong interest and desire to continue my studies abroad for my
Master’s degree. In addition to the scholarship’s financial help, it
has also shaped me as a person and given me the confidence that
anything is possible and to change the world. I hope one day I will be
able to help my community just as The Huge Foundation has helped me.

With Best Regards,

Alexander White

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